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Are you trying to find Primary Care Doctor accepting new patients in or near you? We at JMC are Primary Care Doctors serving Carrollton, TX and surrounding areas for more than 15 years.

As primary care doctor office we provide comprehensive medical and surgical care on most commonly health issues encountered by human beings.

What Do Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) Do?

Your PCP is a generalist and can address most of your healthcare needs. In the event that you have a problem that’s more complex than she can manage, your PCP will refer you to an appropriate specialist. This may include a surgeon, a psychiatrist, or a cardiologist, for example.

Perhaps the most valuable role primary care physicians fill is also the least understood by the general public. PCP’s are experts at coordinating care.

If you’re healthy, this won’t mean much to you. But if you develop complicated medical problems, need multiple specialist physicians, or are in and out of the hospital, you’ll appreciate good care coordination.

We provide primary healthcare services assuring healthcare that is consistent, accessible, continuous, coordinated and comprehensive.

Dr Richard Gluck started this practice in early 2000s and served the patients ranging from new borns to 90 years old. Dr Gluck retired in 2016 and patients are followed by Dr Parmar since then. Please click here to see bio for Harveer Parmar MD

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We Provide a Wide Range is Services in diverse health areas.

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Dr. Harveer Parmer General Medicine
Dr. Ndi Itata APRN FNP - C
Dr. Jaime Mendez APRN FNP-C
Dr. Manjoo Sharma General Medicine

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